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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Painting with coffee

Painting with coffee 

Espresso coffee has a high content of oil, and dark pigments. Is excellent to use as a paint

The above and below paintings are made Karen Alen.

The creation of coffee!

Painting with coffee is something fascinating, particularly for us coffee lovers. I decided to go ahead and give it a try. I brewed a cup of Julien's Peak, played some classical violin tunes, grasp a coffee book to get inspired, and brought my Ethiopian Jebena to do the honors.

After a morning of brewing espressos, I finally made 3 types of coffee ink.

Dark, Medium and Light. To make this possible i have played with the following parameters:

Grade of the grind, to make it thicker or thinner
Grade of roasting ( the darker the roast the darker the paint)
Ratio between coffee powder and water ( less or more concentrate)

Then I choose 2 types of aquarelle paper: 150 GSM and 300GSM grain fin.

I spend 3 hours in bliss and peace, smelling the coffee ink while giving the strokes with the brush, enjoying the music, drinking coffee with friends.....being at home.

Do you wanna try?

Coffee vendor at Kalossi market, Sulawesi island.

Today, is the 16th of October 2010, World Food Day

. We have gathered in front of the Solar Kitchen to set up a market. Coffee Ideas! has organized a coffee art session. Many people came to try out this new way of making art with 100 % natural  coffee ink.

Sawmia drawing an elephant

Ok J Lee, brought special paper and brushes from Korea.

Teo Lara painting a portrait of Eden Tormo

Matilde and Aloe interacting with the visitors

Jhonny painting with the straw technique. Drop a drop of coffee ink into the paper, take a deep breath, shut down the mind ( if you can!) and just blow and follow your inspiration.

Teo finishing the portrait

Eden helping Julien to to his first coffee creation

Uma painting a mandala

Writing a Zen poem

 Make great wrap papers for your best friend presents with your straw blowing coffee art
Eden portrait by Teo Lara

 Elephant by Swamia
Our dear Royal Enfield Bullet. She carries the coffee to all the shops and with her we had traveled all around South India following the coffee spirit.

Our coffee stall

An Ethiopian jebena with a a branch of coffee bush with cherries.

Grow your own cafeto

What does a "coffee cherry" look like?

Have a look at the pictures and discover the complexity of this cherry.

The outer skin of a coffee cherry is called the "exocarp", beneath the exocarp is the "mesocarp," which is a thin layer of pulp this thin layer of pulp is followed by a slimy layer called the "parenchyma
The beans themselves are covered in a parchment-like envelope called the "endocarp" and more commonly called "the parchment".Inside the parchment, side-by side lie two beans. Each of these beans are covered separately by another layer of thin membrane or seed skin called "spermoderm"
The spermoderm is generally referred to in the coffee trade as the "silver skin."

Select the ripe cheery, carefully twist and pull
That is the perfect pick, when the stalk remains in the branch. That will ensure that a flower will blossom in this spot and therefore a new cherry

The cherry is so ripe that just by presing with two fingers, the beans come our easely.

 This is how the beans look like fron a croos cutting section .
All the main parts of the cherry

Friday, 24 September 2010

Marc's coffee at Creart, 53 rue Suffren. Pondicherry

On the 24th of September 2010, Creart ( 53, Rue Suffren, Pondicherry) re-opened with a new flavor. The cafe has been enlarged with a new conti menu and the shop retails new eco-creative brands. The spirit of the shop goes beyond retailing products but to create community and bring awareness about human rights, ecology and creativity. It is possible to manufacture products respecting people's livelihood and the natural resources. Marc's Coffees full range are available and served on demand with a French press. You have a choice of organic and sustainable coffees from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

The shop retails a selected range of products that are aligned to Creart's 5 main criteria:

Fair Trade
Reduce- Recycle- Re-use
For a cause

We invite you to come and join this inspiring initiative .