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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Yercaud High Grown Arabica washed. Single Estate

Marc's Coffee Julien Peak single estate utz certified (250g) Coffee Ideas Marc's Coffee Julien Peak single estate UTZ certified (250g) Rs.203.00 Buy Now
Tucked in the Shevarois hills of Tamil Nadu, Yercaud is as yet a lesser-known coffee region. The farm is UTZ certified and through its sustainable methods, the owner is proud to keep the forest mainly populated by local species. Inspired by the beauty of its landscape, we decided to start roasting and distributing this Single State Arabica “Selection 9” coffee. This is an attempt to bring this gift of Nature to our customers. Julien Peak has a very delicate aroma, mild body and fine acidity. It...

Deccan Bold AA

Marc's Coffee Deccan Bold - Organic certified arabica from Andhra  Pradesh (250g) Coffee Ideas Marc's Coffee Deccan Bold - Organic certified arabica from Andhra Pradesh Tribal Coffee (250g) Rs.220.00 Buy Now
Following the coffee Spirit, the idea behind Deccan Bold was to discover Andhra Pradesh: its tribal people and culture. Coffee cultivation in Andra was recently introduced. Spread in an area of around 36 square kilometres, and located at altitudes ranging between 600 and 900 meters above sea level, Araku valley is ideal for coffee cultivation. Encouraged by the good demand for the coffee, tribals of the valley started organically cultivating coffee without fertilizers, chemicals or pesticides....

Kavery Blend. For Espresso lovers!

Marc's Coffee Kaveri Blend (250g) Coffee Ideas Marc's Coffee Kaveri Blend (250g) Rs.169.00 Buy Now
This blend is dedicated to the Goddess Kavery, who manifests in the form of the eponymous sacred river. Rising in Coorg, the Kavery flows some 765 kilometres southeast to enter the Bay of Bengal. Coorg is the coffee bowl of India, with more than 200 years of coffee tradition. The best grades are exported around the world, except a few – like the one you are holding now. This blend is composed of Arabica and Robusta beans – both washed and cherry – from the best grades. It has a balanced cup,...

Buma Devi. Arabica & Robusta Cherry blend

Marc's  Coffee Buma Devi Blend (250g) Coffee Ideas Marc's Coffee Buma Devi Blend (250g) Rs.135.00 Buy Now
Buma Devi combines the richness and strength of cherry Robusta and fragrant Arabica, making this blend a unique experience for the Indian continental palate. The coffee is shade-grown in the forests of Coorg, Karnataka. The ripe cherries are handpicked and sun-dried, then winnowed and hulled to separate the bean from the dried skin. No water is used in the whole process. Selected by colour, size and density, we select peaberry beans which are round in shape and have a distinctive fruity taste....

Organic Certified form Coorg. Single Estate

Marc's Coffee Jaivik Greens - Organic certified arabica from Coorg  (250g) Coffee Ideas Marc's Coffee Jaivik Greens - Organic certified arabica from Coorg (250g) Rs.236.00 Buy Now
Jaivik Greens Coffee Estate is located in North Coorg, near Sudicopa village. Karnataka, South India. It was acquired and developed by the present owner ancestors. It has approximately 50 acres of land at 1000 mts A.S.L. It produces arabica coffee (Cauvery variety), pepper, vanilla, rice, betel nut, coconuts, jack fruit and soon oranges. There is a cottage in the farm with attached kitchen. We visit Jaivik Greens often with our customers, so they have the opportunity to see how organic coffee...

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